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My First Day at Arohar

March 24th

I opened my eyes to begin a megalithic day. I was thrilled for it was indeed a momentous one - first day at my new workplace...

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An image depicting role of women as real architects of society

Real Architects of Society

March 7th

Women are the real architects of society. We would like to thank the feminine force by providing a tool to empower them...

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A map of India showing Tier II cities in central India

Ecosystem in Tier II Cities

February 25th

A few years back, while working in corporate in the USA, it was always very fascinating and encouraging for me to hear the stories...

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Photograph of Manoj and Sweta at Times Square

Chasing The Start-Up Dream

September 9th

Sweta Naudiyal provides a wife′s perspective to chasing the start up dream. The effect it has on one′s life and family...

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TaxSo Goes To Market

September 5th

Manoj Naudiyal shares his experience about the first sales call that team Arohar Technologies made for TaxSo...

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Story of TaxSo

August 30th

This blog summarises the story behind the creation of TaxSo, the GST compliant accounting software by Arohar Technologies...

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Numbered racing track lanes used in athletics

What is HSN Code?

June 25th

HSN is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization. The purpose of using HSN is to ensure that GST invoicing...

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Black Calculator Near Ballpoint Pen on White Printed Paper

Accounts and Records under GST

June 22nd

Under GST, all indirect taxes (excise, VAT, service tax) will get subsumed into one GST, thus reducing the number of accounts to be maintained....

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Coins Stacked on a Table with a Wallclock in the Background

Time, Place and Value of Supply

June 19th

Under GST, the existing system of levy of tax on manufacture, provision of taxable services, and sale of goods will be replaced by the concept of ‘SUPPLY’...

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Invoices Folder Filed in a Cabinet

GST invoicing format and rules

June 16th

Under GST invoicing rules and formats have been notified covering details such as supplier’s name, billing address...

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Know your GSTIN Written alongside Graphic of a Magnifying Lens

Learn about GSTIN

June 13th

Under Goods and Service Tax Act, each GST registered tax payer is allotted a state wise PAN based 15 digit GSTIN Number...

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GST Registration Written on a Green Background

GST Registration

June 10th

Service providers now have to deal with a completely new set of facts. Many of them will be assessed in several states...

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Lightbulb Placed Inside Outline of a Cloud Drawn on a Blackboard

Impact of GST on SMEs

June 7th

As per industry experts, SMEs and startups will be affected the most with the rollout of the GST and the impact will be favorable...

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Indian Rupee Currency Note with Image of Mahatma Gandhi

Effects of GST on the Economy

June 4th

According to experts, by implementing the GST, India will gain $15 billion a year. This is because, it will promote more exports...

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White Calculator on a Sheet of Paper

What is GST ?

June 1st

GST is one of the biggest economic and taxation reforms undertaken in India. It aims to streamline the taxation structure...

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