My First Day At Arohar

March 24th, 2018   By Medhavii Vishnoi

A piece of paper containing welcome messages placed on a table besides a flower vaseI opened my eyes to begin a megalithic day. I was thrilled for it was indeed a momentous one - first day at my new workplace ! Only I woke up at 4 A.M. and it was still dark outside. I was supposed to reach by 9.30.

I was familiar with the route to the office but nervousness had my stomach in knots and had my brother drop me instead of driving to Arohar headquarters myself. As I recalled the entrance to the elegant yet comfortable office terra firma, there were too many pop-ups, overlapping sticky notes, small tabs and resized windows open in my brain each with a warning (in red !) of what I must remember-to-do-at-all-times (crash-course !) The BCA, B.Tech nor M.Tech, none prepares you for this day. I shrugged desperately trying to unplug. I proceeded to open the door while taming a few fly aways and quickly got in.

I was immediately greeted with a genuine and sprightly smile of the Founder of Arohar and several other unknown faces. I was very politely offered a seat to sit close by. The room was echoing with sounds of laughter and several conversations that were going on simultaneously almost miraculously had me logged out of my nervous head. I sat there attentively tuned into the on-going discussions and it dawned no sooner than I entered that I had barged right into the middle of a meeting of the Founder and the Sales Team.

′Trust′ and ′honesty′ were the first two feelings that swept me off the floor and I felt instantly connected. And yes their one-liners were hilarious and they all had me laughing hysterically too. I wondered how often have I walked into a positive and productive room like this. The market concerns were being aptly addressed with great insight from the Founder as well the teammates alike, I sat there already being talked to as if I were on the sales team myself. Indeed they had me hooked. There was an air of congeniality and the jovial comradeship had me unwind and calm deep to my bones and my happy brain couldn′t get enough of all the wisdom that came through.

A whiteboard with a welcome message written on it After a brief introduction to the gentleman in the room I was acquainted with the rest of the squad that radiated a similar warmth and welcome. I was shown to my cubicle space, where on my desk, there lay a welcome note, tucked away under a glass filled with freshly picked flowers. I was overwhelmed to see everybody had signed it and just when I looked up awestruck, to exclaim my joy, I noticed a huge white board that read "WELCOME MEDHAVII – we′re glad to have you on board." I was spellbound and speechless for a minute and all I could really do to express gratitude was look at everybody′s faces with a glimmer so rare.

As I sat down trying to figure out where to begin with, the whole bunch was extremely helpful and without so much as asking for help I was steered through with an overview of the inner workings of the system and my role was broken down and explained with impeccable clarity, prudence and affability by the senior team members. I was allowed my space to work in peace and also to organically get to know everyone. In brief and meaningful interactions I figured what a carefully curated team Arohar had. Every member was a doyen of their domains and worked as if not for a firm but rather for their very own projects with commendable diligence and sincerity. Almost everyone had a unique yet spontaneous sense of humor that made working rather fun and just as I had walked in it was already time to call it a day. I had had a refreshingly productive day and was surging with a sense of accomplishment on the first day itself without feeling mentally exhausted. Almost nostalgic and on a rather poetic note, I left with a feeling of ′romance with work′, which was unlike any other day before and it left me wondering about the power of team play. I already felt one with the entourage and as we all bid adieu that eve, I walked home with the biggest smile on my face that hasn′t quite faded ever since.

I do indeed fall short of words when I find the need to express how fortunate I feel to be a part of such a driven human assortment, hoping to inspire, as I was to never give up on one’s dreams. Resonating with the Founder Mr. Naudiyal′s ideals, that we as a team strongly stand by with, we hope to add to people′s lives for the better, by working in sync with higher calling, that′s when work is no longer just a set of tasks to done in order to earn bread, but transforms into worship, when you laced with the wings of passion and devotion. The rest of the team and I continue to rejoice in the success of Arohar′s accomplishments by working with renewed determination, vigor and accelerated motivation and gratitude.

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